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Human Capital Technology

What Weavee Analytics can do

Studies show that the average employee turnover among sales teams is around 25%. This is almost double the UK average employee turnover!

By mapping talent within an organisation to the correct role you can grow workforce productivity and sales revenue

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Talent Alignment

Connect people and organisations

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Predicting Performance

Identify the causality of performance

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Employee Lifecycle

Predicting the optimal employee career journey

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KPI Analysis

Structured business performance goal setting

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What is Weavee Analytics?

Weavee Analytics is a cloud based talent measurement tool. By utilizing employee data we reduce attrition and grow performance through a predictive model. Analysing potential “flight risk” among the high performers within your organisation and enabling action

Are you Human Capital ready?

A recent Human Capital report showed that in 2015, only 8% of organizations worldwide had the capacity of producing predictive models for HR. This has been attributed to poor data management processes as well as the lack of a technological solution from which to derive actionable insights

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Our business solutions

We provide a cost effective technological measure towards aligning the strategies of your Human Resource team with your overall business goals

Recognise the best sales talent within your organisation and reward them for their high performance based on their individual motivations

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Transform your Human Resource team into a Human Capital team with Weavee Analytics

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